Self Directed CBT + Grace


  1. Education about how thoughts impact our emotions and thus our behaviors.
  2. Learn self directed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy tools for irrational thinking, anxiety, countering negative thoughts etc.
  3. Understand where grace & patience comes into your journey of healing.


  1. Remember grace and patience along your journey of healing

Post self assessment Questions:

  1. Where would you rate yourself now on a scale of 1-10 as it pertains to your mental health?
  2. Did you get out of this course what you desired to?

Attached Forms (Downloadable):

  1. CBT triangle + Explanation
  2. Thought Log


In summary, self directed CBT is a powerful tool. Out thoughts inform our emotions and our emotions ultimately dictate our behavior. When we learn how to tackle an irrational or negative thought at the root, we can prevent negative thinking and this negative or unhealthy behavior.

The journey of healing is not linear. Some days will feel like multiple steps forward and some may feel like random steps to the side and back. Nonetheless, show yourself grace and patience because it is so necessary on the healing journey. Please remember that your way of being or behaving was not learned over night. This ultimately means that it will take some time to unlearn and learn new ways of thinking, acting and being.

CBT Triangle + Explanation.pdf
Self PostAssessment Quiz.pdf
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