The Power of Processing


  1. Gain helpful tools on self processing
  2. Learn the importance of self-regulation and how to do this.
  3. Identify personal triggers in your environment and how to address them
  4. Increase ability to identify feelings and express them
  5. Learn about the structure of the brain and how it impacts our behavior.


  1. Where do you lean? Internal processor or external?

Attached Forms (Downloadable):

  1. Feelings Chart
  2. Stages of processing sheet
  3. List of coping skills to try


In summary, processing is made up of many different stages that require actively working through them to gain a better self awareness as well as a clearer perspective of our true thoughts and feelings. Self awareness is an ideal area to grow in because it allows us to be well informed about why we do the things we do. In essence, coping skills can become healthier habits that replace destructive or unhelpful ones, which can help you thrive in life and in stressful situations.

Disclaimer: This is not therapy.

Feelings Chart.pdf
Coping Skills.pdf
Stages of Processing.pdf
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