Where Does God Meet Mental Health?


1. Education on biblical occurrences in light of mental health

2. Provide an understanding about the fallen nature of man and innate brokenness and bend toward distorted perception of self and world 

3. Explain how disorders also spring from the brokenness of man based off of the fall in the garden as well as other brain diseases.

4.Discuss hope and healing in light of the fall of man.


  1. What are your relationships looking like? With self, others, creation and God?
  2. Am I willing to be brutally honest with myself on where I am and areas that I need growth in?


  1. Encourage two people to tend to their mental health


In summary, God's plans for our mental health are not void. Despite the fallen nature of man and the brokenness that is evident in the world, there is still hope for you.

Scripture references include:

Genesis 2:25

Genesis 3:7

Disclaimer: This is not therapy.

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